Nitro PDF Professional v7.2.0.12 Incl Full Version

Nitro PDF Professional v7.2.0.12 Incl Patch Full Version Merupakan software yang di rancang untuk membaca sekaligus mengedit, Mengconvert dan membuat file PDF. Walaupun ukuran software ini tidak sebesar software sejenis, Nitro PDF Professional v7.2.0.12 Full Version mampu memberikan service yang sangat memuaskan. Nitro Pro 7 ini simple dan mudah digunakan sehingga mempercepat pekerjaan kita. Untuk editing software ini menyediakan tool-tool seperti rotate, crop, watermark, extract dll. Dan untuk converting kita bisa mengconvert PDF ke Word, ke Exel, Image dan Text.
  • Create & combine
  • Edit text &images
  • Convert & export
  • Scan & OCR
  • Collaborate & review
  • Approve, sign & submit
  • Control & protect

What’s new in version 7

  • Paragraph Text Editing. Edit text right in the copy of the paragraph, without converting to Microsoft® Word® or a text editor — just like you would in a word processing application. Edit words and lines of text within paragraphs, reformat, realign, reflow, and adjust text attributes without leaving your PDF document.
  • Signature Profiles. Create profiles for rapid application of your digital signature. This is a huge timesaver when having to sign the same PDF multiple times.
  • Stamp Signature. Digitally apply or “stamp” your signature to a page so it looks as natural as pen and paper. It’s as simple as the click of a button.
  • Integrated, High-Performance Renderer. An enhanced renderer delivers greater performance and increased quality. Enjoy crisper text, more accurate and faster rendering of vector art and CAD drawings, more responsive editing, zooming, scrolling, and more.
  • Redaction. Now you can search for, identify, and permanently remove sensitive or private text and images from document
Link Mediafire
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